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Your Initial Solar Panels Contract
Do Your Due Diligence!

Initial Solar Panels ContractInvesting in Solar Panels is a decision that needs to be taken very carefully as the implications can be severe if you make the wrong decision . One of the key factors that we would always recommend to people is that if you do decide to buy Solar Panels always ensure that you pay your deposit to the company by credit card and not by debit card, charge card or by cheque. This will effectively ensure that if you do have any issues at a later date then a claim can be pursued jointly and severally against the credit card company for the whole amount that you pay to the company even if the company installing the equipment ceases trading. If the company won't allow you to pay the deposit by credit card then find one that will!

Any decent company presenting themselves to you as suppliers of Solar Panel Photovoltaic equipment should also be members of the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) and also conform to the REAL Assurance Scheme Consumer Code. This code covers a number of areas in which suppliers must conform to when selling / supplying solar power equipment to consumers and some of the key points of this code will be explained in more detail.

The goods being sold need to be fit for purpose and of a quality that you would reasonably expect. In addition if you have been "cold called" from a call centre by a company generating leads on behalf of the supplier then the supplier has a duty to ensure that their staff as well as their own staff comply with the code that is in place. The supplier also has a duty to keep records of the training that their staff have received.

Solar Panels on a houseIf the supplier makes any reference as to how the product may perform or the money that can be saved or earned from the installation of his products then he must be able to demonstrate as to how such claims have been calculated and that they have been independently verified from a reputable organisation. In the event that such claims turn out to be spurious then the supplier leaves himself open not only to an action being taken against them by the Advertising Standards Authority but also to a potential claim for Misrepresentation by the consumer. When we recently scanned the internet there were a number of advertisements that we saw that could be described as "interesting" should the relevant authorities decide to take a closer look at this industry.

When the supplier's sales representative visits your home be aware that under the code he is forbidden from staying in your property for more than two hours in order to close a sale except in exceptional circumstances . In addition they must not use any selling techniques that result in you having to make an immediate decision by way of using statements implying the deal is only available today or that if you sign today you will be given a discount that you won't be offered at any time in the future. The sales representative is also forbidden from implying that there is only limited availability of the product in order to coerce you into making a decision.

If you feel that your Solar Panels have been mis-sold and that you would like to make a claim please note that we do not charge any upfront fees for our service and the only fees we will charge you are 28% + VAT of any benefit that is obtained on your behalf.

If you would like us to pursue a claim on your behalf or if you need any further information then please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 368 5110 or by filling out and submitting the enquiry form above. Please also note that the content of this website does not constitute legal advice.