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Undecided About Solar Panels?
Why not ask us to provide you with an impartial opinion!

Contact Resolved Claims LimitedThere will a number of scenarios that you will come across with Solar Panels that may put you in a position, whereby you are not quite sure what to do. In particular this may be because you are:

  1. Being offered the opportunity to have “free solar panels” installed on your roof.
  2. You are looking to buy a property that has had “free solar panels” installed on its roof.
  3. You are being asked to sign what appears to be a very good “deal” by a salesman.
  4. You have paid a deposit to have solar panels installed, but have now changed your mind and the company is not willing to return your deposit.
  5. You are looking to buy a property that already has solar panels installed on the roof, where the panels have been purchased by the existing owners.

In each of the above scenarios, there is a potential for you to lose a substantial amount of money, by not being able to make the right decision based on the information that you have been given.

We believe that “solar panels” are in effect very often sold in the same way that “timeshare” was sold in the 1970’s and 1980’s, and that before you make any decision you should seek impartial advice from a third party. We will, for a one off fee of £199, provide you with an unbiased analysis of what your options really are.

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